6 conversations every manager will need to have (sooner or later)

Managers who develop their people are 7x more likely to be promoted. Think of the person who had the greatest positive impact on your career, now imagine being remembered by someone else for your impact on their career?

We get it, you're  probably a technical expert, proficient in finance, technology or another specialized field. You're an expert at your job, but what about the people stuff? Many managers struggle to have effective conversations with their team... they didn't teach you that in Accounts 101?


Companies often invest in their leaders and future leaders through management development programs, and as excellent as these programs often are, they don't always provide you with the answer to 'How do I actually have this conversation?" We want to give you vocabulary you need.  Read on to discover 6 conversations you will need to have at some stage in your management career, and discover your best manager-self...

Performance Conversations

Performance conversations are often 'check list' conversations because 'Human Resources said so'. In reality, they are the best opportunity for you as a manager to communicate your expectations, manage underperformance before it becomes a problem and build rapport with your team. 

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Career Conversations

Too often career opportunities are discovered by chance, and not by design. As a manager, you're often in the best position to guide the people in your team with their career choices, and increase their visibility to the organization, thereby providing opportunities for them. Understanding how they want to grow, which direction they want to explore, and whether to grow laterally by deepening specialized skillsets, or moving upwards into a people management role, are all important considerations when discussing careers. 

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Difficult Conversations

We don't think anyone enjoys a difficult conversation, but, as they say, bad news doesn't get better with time. The sooner a difficult conversation is had, the less impact the issue will have on your team morale, productivity and engagement. Difficult conversations can include conversations with an individual who is much older than you are, those with longer tenure, individuals with poor EQ, and many more. Following a professionally structured conversation guide can reduce the anxiety and conflict associated with these conversations. 


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Development Conversations

Managers who develop their people are more likely to be promoted. Fostering a culture of development enhances the capabilities of your team, and empowering people to grow increases engagement. But, where should you as a manager start, when having these conversations? What should someone be developing? 

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Inspiring Conversations

We all need encouragement from time to time. The pressures of balancing work & personal life can take it's toll on even the most motivated of employees. Understand the cause of an individuals drop in motivation, and use the Talentalker conversation guides to provide the most relevant, constructive & inspiring advice to get them back on track. 

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Conversations with Myself as a Manager

Who has time for self development these days? Work-home-work-home and everything in between that make up our lives in the 21st century? Prioritizing time for reflection and more importantly, self development is crucial if we are to grow within our own careers. Follow the Talentalker framework to ensure you have the best possible conversation with yourself. Use our conversation guides as your personal development portal, treat the conversation guides as development plans for yourself. Get started by identifying one area that you want to develop, and get started today.

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